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Having enjoyed success for almost five decades, the Prosound team knows a thing or two about professional sound. Now you can learn from our experience with the articles below.

Houses of Worship

Should my pastor use a headset microphone?

Helping your pastor to communicate and connect with your congregation are the most vital elements of a worship audio technician’s role. If the congregation can’t …

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Transport Hubs

How can you automatically manage announcements and background noise?

Clear and intelligible announcements are vital for the smooth operation of transport hubs, but we’ve all faced the situation where this hasn’t happened. By their …

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How do you hide a mic on stage?

The aim of any theatrical production is to immerse its audience in the story and create an intimate atmosphere. Technology can break that spell, particularly …

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Stadia & Arenas

Why is intelligibility important for stadium sound?

The answer to why intelligibility is important for stadium sound systems may seem like a simple one – it’s important for your fans to hear …

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Why should I care about my background music?

Background music is one of the most important elements in retail, yet selecting a quality BGM system is rarely at the top of any store …

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Live Sound

Should I fly subwoofers?

Concert sound is filled with as many opinions as there are available audio solutions. Whether it is the argument of quality versus convenience and coverage …

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