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Hotels & Casinos

When choosing a sound system for your hotel or casino you are making a decision to invest in the atmosphere you are creating. With the right audio solution, your guests will want to come back again and again.

Bars & Restaurants

Bars & Restaurants

Serving up the perfect atmosphere.

Broadcast Technology

Broadcast Technology

Proud to connect you with your audience.


Corporate & Conference

Make the most of every meeting.


Education Facilities

Help students perform to their best.



Keep your customers for longer.

Stadia & Arenas

Stadia & Arenas

Helping you to win off the pitch.



Preparing your stage for every production.

Houses of Worship

Houses of Worship

Proud to help you deliver your message.

Transport Hubs

Transport Hubs

Give every passenger absolute clarity.

Professional audio systems for theatre
Professional audio systems design and installation

Prosound SA – professional audio system design and integration

“It’s about the experience.”

Professional audio systems, designed and installed to bring your vision to life

With a pedigree that stretches back to 1973, Prosound was the first professional audio system specialist in the vibrant South African market, and we work hard to remain the best. 

Today we proudly serve customers all over Africa and beyond, helping them to transform spaces with the best AV technology available and the experience of decades.

From reinvigorating church services with professional audio systems for houses of worship, to designing and installing full stadium sound systems or ensuring that retail customers stay in store for longer, our job remains the same: to give you and your customers a fantastic experience.

Leading brands

Our international reputation gives us access to world-leading technology for your project as well as the experience to make it work for you.

Renowned service

We pride ourselves on our excellent service, not just making your project a success but making your life easier in the process.

What Our Customers Say

Thanks to Prosound’s experience, Sodimas Congo has become the leader in broadcasting, lighting and sound system projects within the DRC region. Our experience with Prosound began with Lumumba Stadium in Matadi (DRC). The Prosound team paid attention to every detail to deliver a perfect result and they helped us to save money while providing us with a turnkey solution. Put simply, Prosound is the best of the best in the broadcast, lighting and sound industry.

Robert Niondo

Chairman, Sodimas Congo

Prosound have been involved with Airport Public Address and Evacuation systems for at least 25 years. They always give you professional options and identify the various potential issues you may encounter. We were looking for quality sound and aesthetics to fit in with the design teams. Prosound tailor their solutions to meet all these requirements.

Theunis Chamberlain

Aviation Project and Management Services

Chitara Sound has been working with Prosound for over 10 years. As service providers across Mozambique, we know that we can always count on Prosound’s promptness and efficiency at all times. They recently provided us with conference equipment for our Assembly of the Republic and once again, the assistance, speed and quality that have always characterised them was evident throughout the entire process.

Aniceia Chiau

Chitara Sound


An International footprint

With clients and professional audio system installations as far afield as the Philippines, Dubai, Albania and China, we have evolved into a true global player, equipped to handle an ever-increasing variety of projects, in all kinds of unique conditions. When it comes to the African continent, our collective experience is unrivalled, and we have garnered a reputation as the relied-upon, go-to choice for the most challenging of AV installation projects.

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