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House of Worship
House of Worship
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When you are delivering a powerful message, you need technology and experience to ensure you are heard

To truly connect with your congregation and make an impact with your sermon, you need to know that everyone can hear what you are saying.

How can we help?

At Prosound SA we use out decades of experience working with houses of worship all over the world and strong relationships with some of the biggest audio equipment manufacturers to make sure that every member of your congregation can hear you properly.

We know that the best solution doesn’t always need to come with a hefty price tag, just the right design. Added to this, our after-sales care ensures you can focus entirely on spreading your message. Whatever your style of worship, we will create the perfect audio solution for you.

Whatever the size of your house of worship, your aim is always to make sure your congregation can hear every word you say and understand the meaning behind it.


Should my pastor use a headset microphone?

Helping your pastor to communicate and connect with your congregation are the most vital elements of a worship audio technician’s role. If the congregation can’t hear the message properly, how can they begin to understand its meaning? This is why microphone selection...