Company History

It’s About The Experience.

The first. The best.

Terry Acres

At Prosound we’ve always said that what we do is not about technology. It’s not about sound, lighting, AV or staging equipment, it’s about the experience.

There are three meanings to this saying – it’s about the experience that you have working with us as our customer before and after any sale; it’s about the experience your customers have when your project is completed and they can enjoy the results of your vision turned into reality; and finally it is about the experience we have as the oldest audio specialists in Southern Africa. Most importantly, it’s about how we use that experience to help you.

Expertise since 1973

Our experience stretches back to 1973. We were founded to support the growing South African live events scene as the first dedicated audio specialists. We would hire our equipment out for everything from community events to sports matches, gaining a deep insight of what was needed for each type of event and using that knowledge to make the next gig even better.

This willingness to learn and to help shows improve saw us become the go-to company for all the major musical and theatrical events that took place in the country in the ‘70s and ‘80s. We were there to support the rising African stars as well as the big touring acts that chose to come to South Africa at the time. This was the first time that anyone in the local industry had been exposed to international standards and once again we used it as an opportunity to learn and create a better experience for everything we worked on.


Papal tour

As our experience and knowledge built up, we started looking at other areas. Supplying major theatrical tours led us to directly equipping theatres and playhouses all over the country. While worship projects such as the historic Papal tour led to us installing new audio solutions into hundreds of churches of all sizes. We equally started to look outside South Africa to take our skills and understanding of entertainment technology to other markets across the continent.

These new arms to our company soon overtook the original rental business to the point where we made the decision to leave our original sector and focus purely on the installation of high-quality audio, AV, lighting and staging systems for everything from hotels to broadcast and retail to arenas. While we no longer play an active role in the live music industry, our experience there has not gone to waste. We create better systems because we know what people need and expect from them and we understand how you can make any space sound as good as it can.

Unrivalled knowledge

Prosound has been there, working on the front lines of some of the most iconic moments in our county’s history. From Nelson Mandela’s homecoming in 1991 to the 2010 World Cup and everything in between, we have been there to provide the soundtrack.

So, when you come to Prosound with a project, you know you will be getting the benefit of an unrivalled knowledge in the market. You can rely on that to help drive a smooth and straightforward installation. And most of all, you know that your customers will be getting the best possible end result, helping to make many more memories along the way.

After all, it’s about the experience.