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With the right audio solution, your guests will want to come back again and again

When choosing a sound system for your hotel or casino you are making a decision to invest in the atmosphere you are creating. A professional system will help you create the environment you want while also helping to keep your guests safe.

But which sound system is right for you?

At Prosound SA, we know you’ve already heard several conflicting opinions and that what you really need is honest advice, rather than yet another sales pitch.

So here’s our promise to you. We will use our decades of experience, not to mention the close relationships we have with the world’s leading manufacturers of installed audio systems, to create a solution that exceeds your expectations… we’ll make the whole process easy for you.

We have designed and installed hotel and casino audio solutions for some of the biggest chains all over the world. Whether it’s a retrofit or a new build, we understand the challenges you are facing. Our designs will give you the control you need to ensure your guests are safe and relaxed and our after-sales service will provide you with the same peace of mind.

Whether it’s a retrofit or a new build, we understand the challenges you are facing and we have the experience it takes to provide the perfect solution.


What is an audio zone?

In its simplest form, an audio zone is an area where all of the loudspeakers work together to deliver one consistent output. This means that every speaker in the zone will come on at the same time and play the same content – whether that is music or speech – at the...