Enhancing Communication Backstage : The Magic of Riedel Intercoms in Musical

by | 9 Apr 2024 | Uncategorised

With reference to the 2023/24 production of The Sound of Music
The Riedel Intercom and the Sound of Music lighting operator using it during a performance.

Have you ever wondered how the seamless coordination and flawless execution happen behind the scenes of a musical? With productions such The Sound of Music that adorned our South African stages earlier this year? From the quick costume change into Maria’s wedding dress to perfectly timed lighting cues. There is a whole world of communication happening backstage to bring the magic to life on stage. One essential tool that is enhancing backstage communication and keeps the technical crew in synch, is the Riedel Intercom.  

Riedel Intercoms are like lifelines for the technical crew. The crew is able to communicate discreetly and efficiently during the performance. Riedel is well known for their superior quality and reliability. It provides them with the means to stay connected and informed throughout the show.

Behind the scenes of a musical, time is of the essence! Therefore, communication packs play a crucial role in maintaining the flow of the show. Imagine the scene where the bright light hits Mother Abbess until the quick black out right at the end of Act 1. The stage manager needs to give those cues to the lighting operator. With Riedel Intercoms, this exchange can happen effortlessly, without any disruptions or delays.

With Riedel the backstage crew can stay one step ahead, ensuring that every element of the production comes together harmoniously. The crew is empowered to work collaboratively, adjust on the fly, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise promptly. Ultimately, these packs help create a well-oiled machine that operates behind the curtain, bringing the spectacle on stage to life. 

Next time you attend a musical and marvel at the flawless transitions and impeccable timing, remember the unsung heroes backstage, equipped with their trusty Riedel Intercoms. Their dedications, coordination, and teamwork ensure that the show goes on without a hitch, leaving audiences spellbound and enthralled.  

Prosound further solidified their reputation as a top-tier supplier by equipping the Riedel Intercoms for the 2023/24 Sound of Music. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge communication solutions enhances the productions quality and ensure a memorable experience for both the audience and the crew.  

Not only did we provide the iconic musical, The Sound Of Music with these intercoms, we are also very proud that our very own technical director, Mark Malherbe, was the talented sound designer for this musical. This unique blend of creativity and expertise behind the scenes continues to inspire our team to deliver top-notch solutions and experiences for our clients.