Reviving a Musical Legacy: Downtown Music Hub Acquires State-of-the-Art Genelec Monitors

by | 21 Nov 2023 | Broadcast

Downtown Music Hub, located at the intersection of Fox and Nugget streets in central Johannesburg, has recently acquired a pair of Genelec 8350 Studio Monitors, enhancing their audio capabilities. This acquisition, facilitated by Prosound, marks a significant upgrade for the hub, which has a deep-rooted history in South Africa’s music scene.

The hub, previously known as Downtown Studios, was the cornerstone of Gallo Records, a major player in the music industry before the advent of democracy in South Africa. Despite the challenging times of apartheid, it was a melting pot of cultural diversity, hosting artists from various backgrounds, many of whom achieved international fame.

After the acquisition of Gallo Records by the Times Media group, Downtown Studios went through a phase of transformation. The National Arts Council acquired the property in 2009, opening a new chapter for the establishment.

Today, Downtown Music Hub is more than just a recording studio; it’s a cultural beacon. Undergoing extensive renovations and technical upgrades, including the introduction of the Genelec 8350 monitors, the hub now stands as a state-of-the-art facility. These monitors are renowned for their high SPL, extended frequency response, and exceptional transparency, making them a staple in professional studio environments. Their integration with GLM software allows for precise calibration, ensuring an optimized monitoring solution in any acoustic space.

The transformation of the hub extends beyond physical renovations. It now serves as a community-centric space with a focus on education and heritage preservation. The guiding board, led by revered musician and entrepreneur Don Laka, ensures that the hub remains a vibrant, inclusive space that honours its rich legacy while forging a promising future in the music industry. With the addition of the Genelec 8350 monitors, Downtown Music Hub is poised to continue its tradition of producing high-quality music, contributing significantly to the cultural tapestry of South Africa.