Prosound, South Africa’s longest-existing pro-audiovisual company, has announced its acquisition of broadcast and pro-AV technology distribution company AV Worx.

Prosound has announced its acquisition of specialist broadcast and Pro-audiovisual equipment supplier AV Worx from respected audiovisual expert and company owner Anton van Wyk. The acquisition will serve to strengthen the group’s distribution business, with a focus on supplying customers in the sub-Saharan African region with world-class broadcast and audiovisual equipment.

Founded in 1973, Prosound is one of the most established and respected professional audiovisual companies in Africa. Company director, Mark Malherbe, attributes the company’s longevity to its ability to innovate and adapt preemptively to changing market conditions over the years.

“Prosound was first established in response to the then-growing demand for professional audio skills and equipment to support the burgeoning large-format live concert market in South Africa and neighbouring states,” Malherbe points out. “At the time, there was a very limited professional audio industry in the region, and we quickly identified the gap and filled it.

“Prosound has continued to innovate in response to shifting audiovisual market needs in the region. This approach has seen the company move away from the rental and distribution markets to become an internationally respected company specialising in the design, installation, and long-term maintenance of some of the region’s most notable theatres, broadcast studios, houses of worship, arenas, and stadia,” says Malherbe.

Prosound established its subsidiary, ApexPro, in the 2000s to serve as an independent pro-AV and retail distribution company for sub-Saharan Africa, allowing Prosound, as a company, to focus on professional audio-visual consulting and installations. ApexPro is successfully representing some of the world’s leading professional audio-visual brands.

“The past decade has presented more opportunities and challenges than any other period,” Malherbe points out. “With the rapid development of digital technology opening more doors in the AV market than ever before, followed by enormous disruption in the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the need to be agile has never been more critical to success.”

The Prosound directors have evaluated market trends and identified the need to support further the rapidly evolving broadcast and pro-AV industries in sub-Saharan Africa.

“With the emergence of IP technology, the Pro-AV industry is rapidly evolving, and we want to retain our reputation for providing the most cutting-edge, fit-for-purpose solutions and technology to the rapidly diversifying pro-AV sector in our region,” says Prosound director Justin Acres.

Malherbe and Acres identified AV Worx and Anton van Wyk as ideal partners to serve the growing pro-AV industry in the post-pandemic market.

Having worked for some of the leading AV solutions providers and distribution companies in the region for more than 20 years, Van Wyk has an impeccable reputation as an audio-visual expert, specialising in broadcast technology. He took the opportunity presented by market disruptions over the past three years to start his own pro-AV distribution company, AV Worx.

“While I have served in a wide range of roles in the professional audiovisual market over the years, my primary passion is, and will always remain, in educating and uplifting the industry,” van Wyk points out.

“Over the past few years, I have seen a growing need for stronger collaboration with technical partners, better technology, and stronger aftersales support from clients, which has been lacking in the market. I started AV Worx with the mission of filling this gap and partnered with long-time colleague Dwaine Schreuder to achieve this goal.” Van Wyk explains.

“Having worked with both the Prosound and ApexPro teams in the past, I knew that I would find synergy with the companies. I began consulting with directors Mark and Justin late last year on possible collaborations. It quickly became clear that Prosound and ApexPro were ideally suited to provide the team, technical expertise, and the aftersales support needed to take my vision for AV Worx to the next level,” van Wyk points out.

“The acquisition of AV Worx will ensure we can access and support products and customers, ranging from independent podcasters to large-scale corporate broadcasters, empowering them to compete on an international stage,” Acres concludes.

“I started AV WORX with a vision to strengthen and grow the broadcast and Pro-AV industries in sub-Saharan Africa. The decision to sell the company to Prosound will enable the realisation of that vision while allowing me to serve the industry as an independent consultant to ensure that customers in the region are set up for success. I am very excited about the possibilities this opportunity will open for the entire industry in our region,” van Wyk concludes.