Shucked Oyster Bar

by | 29 Apr 2020 | Bars & Restaurants

A fresh, new venue, nestled in upmarket Johannesburg, loved by socialites and oyster lovers. The owner, who is no stranger to Prosound’s product offerings, contacted Pepe at Prosound and requested an elegant solution for his new venture.

After attending a site visit and experiencing the ambiance of the venue it became very clear that the “Electro-Voice EVID S44” wall mount speaker system has found a new home. The Electro-Voice EVID S44 is perfect for lite quality background music reproduction and respects the aesthetic requirements of an upmarket venue, which is exactly what the venue needed.

A year later, we are happy to see oyster lovers at large creating many happy memories at Shucked Oyster Bar.

Written by Pepe Khumalo

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