Látelier Bakery – Keyes Art Mile, Rosebank

by | 16 Apr 2020 | Bars & Restaurants

When CUT Architects approached Prosound for a BGM solution for their new French bakery project called Látelier in the trendy Keyes Art Mile in Rosebank, Johannesburg, they needed something simple that could be operated by the bakery staff without having to send them all on a two day training course on how to make the system work. The answer was a Bosch ceiling speaker and amplifier system that allowed for the connection of a phone or MP3 player that could then permeate the space with perfectly balanced and crisp sound that could help set the mood to make you feel like you might actually be in Paris.

But providing a bunch of boxes and calling it a day is not the Prosound way and as usual the team found ways to go above and beyond. This included co-ordinating the ceiling paint scheme with CUT so that the ceiling speakers could be sprayed in the same shade, ensuring that they melt into the ceiling seamlessly to create an unobtrusive profile.

Not only did Prosound execute the BGM solution, they ended up stepping in to help with the sourcing and supplying of specialised architectural fittings from Spazio lighting that help create the striking design of the bakery. These include the dramatic four ring pendant fittings suspended over the seating area, the track fittings illuminating the centre island and the LED tape lights installed into the bread display cabinet. The overall effect of these fittings creates a unique space that makes the bakery feel truly special.   Prosound is very proud to have been included on this project and the team could not be happier with the finished effect. The successful execution of the installation has once again proved that when it comes to delivering a result that all stake holders can be satisfied with, Prosound is the company to call.

For more information on Látelier Bakery visit www.latelierbakery.com

Written by Mathew Lewis

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