Prosound designs distributed overhead sound and AV system for Castle de Wildt

by | 4 Aug 2015 | Hotels & Casinos

Castle de Wildt is a game auction house in Modimole north of Pretoria, specialising in rare game bred at the game farms belonging to LBG Holdings. This impressive building is climate-controlled and has a capacity of 4,500.

Prosound designed a distributed overhead sound and AV system and partner, Cool Music Productions, headed by Jurie Kruger, did a record install over 8 days.

Over 50 loudspeakers were positioned inside the auction house and the area outside; Prosound’s own Maestro speakers included, as well as Electro-Voice amplifiers and a Rane Hal 1X digital processor with expansion card.

In terms of audio-visual equipment, a TV One 6 input scaler/switcher was installed to cater for the selection of video sources and a combination of Key Digital and Cuanbo was deployed to take care of signal distribution.

At the 4th Prestige Game Auction, the 4,500 attendees were impressed by the sound clarity of the new system. The venue will be doubled in size over the next month and the next phase will see the addition of another 18 Maestro passive loudspeakers and Electro-Voice amps with a Rane Hall expansion card.