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by | 13 Mar 2015 | Broadcast

Prosound is a true “good friend” of Kaya FM 95.9, and having built the original studios for the station in Rosebank some 12 years ago is testimony to Prosound’s commitment to maintaining long-term relationships with its customer datatbase.

Around mid 2008, Kaya FM 95.9 provided a brief to Prosound which detailed the revamp of its production studio. Much had changed in the way that the station was doing its audio post productions and this required a rethink of hardware that was formerly installed in 2005.

The revamp project entailed the removal of the original furniture and technical equipment, to make way for a Protools LE Workstation, powered by an Apple Mac Pro. New studio furniture was provided with complete rewiring of the production studio and voice-booth, including a new monitoring system.

Says Maekanya Morotoba (Head of Audio Production: Kaya FM95.9)

Kaya FM