Choose Life Church Rocks!

by | 12 Mar 2015 | Houses of Worship

Scharl van Staden, Youth Pastor at ‘Choose Life Church’, Pretoria, contacted Prosound to quote on a sound system for their Youth Venue. The brief: “We want the sound system to really ROCK!”

Bearing this in mind, Prosound’s Lee Thomson and Victor Vermaak put together a system design that would be more than sufficient for the space. Prosound proposed 4 x Electro-Voice ZX5’s with two Electro-Voice Tour X T2181 Dual 18″ Subs. The client was happy with this proposal, but Scharl and the Head Pastor insisted that the quantity of the ZX5’s was upped to 6! With this increase in ‘oomph’, Prosound suggested their more powerful, custom-made PS2181 Subs.

Prosound implemented a basic stereo setup for the venue; three ZX5’s per side flown from the ceiling on pan and tilt brackets. The outermost ZX5’s are flown lower in order to cover the seating sections of the venue which has a bulkhead above them. Two Prosound PS2181s were employed to deliver the low frequency grunt needed to keep up with the 6 ZX5’s. These two beasts were placed on the floor in-front of the stage.

Three EV Q1212’s are used to power the ZX5’s and an Ashly KLR5000 amp is used to run the subs. The whole sound system is processed by an Ashly Protea 4.8SP chosen for the number of outputs and great sound quality. This provided enough outputs to have individual control per speaker resulting in a sound system that is completely tailored to the room.

All of this resulted in a very happy client. “I was invited back after we had completed the installation to attend a Friday Night Youth event,” says Victor. “As the kids were coming into the venue, Scharl asked the sound engineer to play Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’. And that’s exactly what the sound system did!”

Choose Life Church