ACTS Church

A few years ago, ACTS Church moved into a 2 800-seater auditorium in Midrand, Jhb. Our relationship began five years earlier, when we provided staging, lighting and trussing in their original auditorium. ACTS is passionate about using the latest technology to give the congregation the best possible experience. Prosound were thus called upon again to design and install brand new audio and lighting systems.

Working closely with the design team of the new auditorium, we applied a functional approach to the stage and house lighting design. ACTS wanted to create ambient lighting that could be zoned off. ETC was thus called in to consult on the house lighting design. They prepared lighting rendering schematics, which indicated lighting levels for the entire sanctuary.

The end result was a truly unique lighting and sound system, a very happy client and, most importantly, an even happier congregation.

ACTS Church

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